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85A. Liquidity.

(1) In this section -

"liquid assets" means the assets held by a credit union to enable it to meet its obligations as they arise;

"maturity mismatch" means the ongoing or possible future divergence between a credit union’s assets and liabilities because non liquid assets of the credit union have not or, at the appropriate time, will not have matured;

"total assets" means all the assets of a credit union having due regard to the accounting principles in section 110 after deducting provisions for bad and doubtful debts.

(2) A credit union shall at all times keep a proportion of its total assets in liquid form (in this section referred to as ‘liquid assets’) so as to enable the credit union to meet its obligations as they arise. The proportion of assets kept in liquid form shall take into account the nature, scale and complexity of the credit union, and the composition and maturity of its assets and liabilities.

(3) The Bank may prescribe the liquidity requirements that a credit