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94. Inspector's report and proceedings thereon.

(1) An inspector appointed under section 92 may, and shall if the Bank so requires, make an interim report to the Bank and on conclusion of the investigation, shall make a final report to the Bank; but the inspector may at any time in the course of his investigation, without making an interim report, inform the Bank of matters coming to his knowledge as a result of the investigation.

(2) In relation to a report made to the Bank under this section, the Bank shall—

(a) give a copy to the Minister, and

(b) if the inspector who made the report makes or has made an application to the Court under section 93(5), deliver a copy to the Court, and

(c) if it thinks fit, provide a copy to the credit union and its auditor, and

(d) on request and on payment of such fee (if any) as may be prescribed under section 33K of the Central Bank Act 1942, for the purposes of this paragraph, provide a copy to any other person—

(i) who is a member of the credit union, or

(ii) who is a member of any other b