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37C. Contents of credit agreements.

(1) When entering into a credit agreement with a member, a credit union shall ensure that it contains a statement setting out the following particulars:

(a) the name and address of each party to the agreement;

(b) the amount of the loan provided under the agreement and the total amount payable in respect of the loan;

(c) details of the security (if any) given in respect of the loan;

(d) the date or dates on which the loan is to be provided (unless unascertainable at the time of the agreement);

(e) the number of repayment instalments under the agreement and amount of each of those instalments;

(f) the date, or the method of determining the date, on which each repayment instalment is payable;

(g) the rate of interest charged in respect of the loan and the relevant APR;

(h) the circumstances in which that APR may be amended;

(i) any charges that, although not included in the calculation of the APR, must be paid by the member in specified circumstances;

(j) the date on which the loan expi