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144. Powers of the Circuit Court.

(1) Where it appears to the Court that the total liabilities of the credit union (taking into account its contingent and prospective liabilities) do not exceed £250,000, the Court may, after making such interim or other orders as it thinks fit, order that the matter be remitted to the Circuit Court.

(2) Where an order is made by the Court under subsection (1), the Circuit Court shall have full jurisdiction to exercise all the powers of the Court conferred by this Part in relation to the credit union and every reference to the Court in this Part shall be construed accordingly.

(3) Where, in any proceedings under this Part which have been remitted to the Circuit Court by virtue of subsection (1), it appears to the Circuit Court that the total liabilities of the credit union exceed £250,000, it shall, after making such interim orders as it thinks fit, make an order transferring the matter to the Court.

(4) The jurisdiction of the Circuit Court under this section shall be exercised by th