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Version date: 2 December 2018 - 2 June 2021
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Article 4 Obligation to disclose unaccompanied cash

1. Where unaccompanied cash of a value of EUR 10 000 or more is entering or leaving the Union, the competent authorities of the Member State through which the cash is entering or leaving the Union may require the sender or the recipient of the cash, or a representative thereof, as the case may be, to make a disclosure declaration within a deadline of 30 days. The competent authorities may detain the cash until the sender or the recipient, or a representative thereof, makes the disclosure declaration. The obligation to disclose unaccompanied cash shall not be deemed to be fulfilled where the declaration is not made before the deadline expires, the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, or the cash is not made available for control.

2. The disclosure declaration shall provide details about the following:

(a) the declarant, including full name, contact details, including address, date and place of birth, nationality and identification document number;

(b) the owner of the cash,