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Version date: 2 December 2018 - onwards
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Article 16 Implementing acts

1. The Commission shall adopt, by means of implementing acts, the following measures to ensure the uniform application of controls by competent authorities:

(a) the templates for the declaration form referred to in Article 3(3) and for the disclosure form referred to in Article 4(3);

(b) the criteria for the common risk management framework referred to in Article 5(4) and, more specifically, the risk criteria, standards, and priority control areas, based on the information exchanged pursuant to point (d) of Article 10(1), and Union and international policies and best practice;

(c) the technical rules for the effective exchange of information under Article 9(1) and (3) and Article 10 of this Regulation via the CIS established by Article 23 of Regulation (EC) No 515/97;

(d) the template for the form for the transmission of information referred to in Article 10(3); and

(e) the rules and the format to be used by Member States for providing to the Commission with anonymised statistical info