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Article 17 Access to quotes

1. Systematic internalisers shall be allowed to decide, on the basis of their commercial policy and in an objective nondiscriminatory way, the clients to whom they give access to their quotes. To that end there shall be clear standards for governing access to their quotes. Systematic internalisers may refuse to enter into or discontinue business relationships with clients on the basis of commercial considerations such as the client credit status, the counterparty risk and the final settlement of the transaction.

2. In order to limit the risk of exposure to multiple transactions from the same client, systematic internalisers shall be allowed to limit in a non-discriminatory way the number of transactions from the same client which they undertake to enter at the published conditions. They may, in a non-discriminatory way and in accordance with Article 28 of Directive 2014/65/EU, limit the total number of transactions from different clients at the same time provided that this is allowable