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Version date: 20 March 2014 - onwards
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Article 20 Disclosure and verification of consumer information

1. The assessment of creditworthiness referred to in Article 18 shall be carried out on the basis of information on the consumer's income and expenses and other financial and economic circumstances which is necessary, sufficient and proportionate. The information shall be obtained by the creditor from relevant internal or external sources, including the consumer, and including information provided to the credit intermediary or appointed representative during the credit application process. The information shall be appropriately verified, including through reference to independently verifiable documentation when necessary.

2. Member States shall ensure that credit intermediaries or appointed representatives accurately submit the necessary information obtained from the consumer to the relevant creditor to enable the creditworthiness assessment to be carried out.

3. Member States shall ensure that creditors specify in a clear and straightforward way at the pre-contractual phase the necess