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77. Receipts in deeds.

(1) A receipt for consideration in the body of a deed is sufficient discharge for the consideration to the person giving it, without any further receipt being endorsed on the deed.

(2) A receipt for consideration in the body of a deed is, in favour of a subsequent purchaser (not having notice that the consideration so acknowledged to be received was not, in fact, given wholly or in part), conclusive evidence of the giving of the whole consideration.

(3) Where a solicitor produces a deed which -

(a) has in its body a receipt for consideration, and

(b) has been executed by the person entitled to give a receipt for the consideration,

the deed is conclusive authority to the person liable to give the consideration for giving it to the solicitor, without the solicitor producing any separate or other authority or direction in that behalf from the person who executed or signed the deed or receipt.

(4) In subsection (3) "solicitor" includes any employee of a solicitor, and any member or employe