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Version date: 13 April 2022 - 31 December 2022
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Annex VI Methodology for the calculation of costs

Part 1 List of costs


Costs to be disclosed

One-off costs

1. A one-off cost is an entry or exit cost which is either:

(a) paid directly by the retail investor; or

(b) deducted from a payment received by or due to the retail investor.

2. One-off costs are costs borne by the retail investor that are not deducted from the assets of the AIF or UCITS.

3. One-off costs include, but are not limited to, the following types of up-front initial costs that shall be taken into account in the cost amount to be disclosed in the key information document:

(a) distribution fee, to the extent that the amount is known to the management company. If the actual amount is not known to the management company, the maximum of the possible known distribution costs for the specific PRIIP shall be shown;

(b) constitution costs (up-front part);

(c) marketing costs (up-front part);

(d) subscription fee including taxes.

Recurring Costs

4. Recurring costs are payme