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Article 8 Meaning of qualifying group member

(1) An organisation is a qualifying group member in relation to a UK deposit-taker if that deposit-taker determines that the organisation is a member of the same group ["Group" is defined in section 421 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Section 421 was amended by S.I. 2008/948.] as a qualifying organisation.

(2) Upon making a determination that an organisation is a qualifying group member, a UK deposit-taker must give notice to the organisation in writing -

(a) informing the organisation that the UK deposit-taker has reached that determination;

(b) specifying the identity of the relevant qualifying organisation; and

(c) notifying the organisation that it has fourteen days from the date upon which the notice is given in which to submit representations to the UK deposit-taker if the organisation considers that the UK deposit-taker's determination was based on a mistake of fact.

(3) A notice given pursuant to paragraph (2) may be given at the same time as a notice given purs