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Version date: 1 December 2016 - 30 December 2020
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Article 14 Rules about information to be provided by a non ring-fenced body to individual account-holders

(1) The FCA must make rules specifying the information a non ring-fenced body must provide at any specified time ("specified information") to -

(a) individuals who have applied to open an EEA account for the purpose of making one or more deposits with that non ring-fenced body (including a joint account); and

(b) EEA account-holders of that non ring-fenced body who are individuals who use the account for the purpose of making one or more deposits.

(2) The specified information must include a description of -

(a) any excluded activity ["Excluded activity" is defined in section 142D of the Act. Section 142D was inserted into the Act by the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 (c 33), section 4.] which the non ring-fenced body is carrying on; and

(b) any prohibited action which the non ring-fenced body has taken;

at the time at which rules made by the FCA under paragraph (1) specify the information must be provided.

(3) In this article -

(a) "non ring-fenced body" means a UK depos