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Version date: 2 August 2021 - onwards
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Article 5 Publication of national provisions concerning marketing requirements

1. Competent authorities shall publish and maintain on their websites up-to-date and complete information on the applicable national laws, regulations and administrative provisions governing marketing requirements for AIFs and UCITS, and the summaries thereof, in, as a minimum, a language customary in the sphere of international finance.

2. Competent authorities shall notify to ESMA the hyperlinks to the websites of competent authorities where the information referred to in paragraph 1 is published.

Competent authorities shall notify ESMA of any change in the information provided under the first subparagraph of this paragraph without undue delay.

3. ESMA shall develop draft implementing technical standards to determine standard forms, templates and procedures for the publications and notifications under this Article.

ESMA shall submit those draft implementing standards to the Commission by 2 February 2021.

Power is conferred on the Commission to adopt the implementing technical standar