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Version date: 30 June 2020 - onwards

3.2 Findings of consumer testing and implications for ESA proposals

The results of the testing were published in February 2020 and were used by the ESAs when deciding on their final proposals to revise the presentation of information on performance [Retail investors' preferred option regarding performance scenarios and past performance information within the Key Information Document under the PRIIPs framework. FISMA/2019/016/C. Published 27 February 2020.]. Overall, the following key findings are relevant to draw attention to:

- Participants of the consumer testing generally made good investment decisions irrespective of the version of the performance scenario table [These tables are included in Annex V of the current PRIIPs Delegated Regulation.] presented to them. This is considered to indicate that it may not be necessary to substantially change the current presentation, provided that appropriate figures are shown [This is determined by the methodology underpinning the performance scenario calculations which is addressed in Section 4.3 of this Final