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Version date: 1 January 2023 - onwards
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29. Support measures

The following section is inserted after section 21 of the Principal Act:


(1) The Minister shall make available, or cause to be made available, in such a form and manner, as the Minister considers appropriate, that is easily accessible to the public and free of charge, including on a website maintained by or on behalf of the Minister, comprehensive and independent information and advice on -

(a) the making of a protected disclosure and related procedures,

(b) protection against penalisation,

(c) remedies available in respect of penalisation, and

(d) the rights of the person concerned,

under this Act.

(2) Prescribed persons, the Commissioner, or other suitable persons (within the meaning of section 10C or 10D, as the case may be), shall provide to the Workplace Relations Commission, the Labour Court or any court of competent jurisdiction such information as may be required by the body or court concerned for the purposes of making a determination, in any proceedings by a reporting p

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