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7. Credit information

(1) The following is credit information in relation to a credit application or credit agreement made by a credit information subject or a credit agreement in connection with which a credit information subject is a guarantor -

(a) the nature and term of the credit applied for or agreed (including the amount or maximum amount of credit, the currency in which it is denominated and conditions about payment or repayment);

(b) the nature and extent of any guarantee or indemnity, or any security, given or to be given and details of any associated valuation;

(c) the rate or rates of interest payable or to be payable;

(d) any identifying number allocated to the credit application or credit agreement, or to the credit information subject, by the credit information provider;

(e) details of any risk rating undertaken in relation to the credit applied for or agreed;

(f) details of any securitisation of the credit agreed.

(2) The following is also credit information in relation to a credit agreement