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6. Personal information

(1) In relation to a credit information subject who is an individual, the following is personal information -

(a) the individual's forename and surname and any former surnames (including any alias);

(b) the individual's mother's birth surname;

(c) the individual's date and place of birth;

(d) the individual's address and previous addresses;

(e) the individual's telephone number;

(f) the individual's personal public service number (within the meaning of section 262 of the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005) and any other reference numbers allocated to the individual for the purposes of tax (whether in the State or any other country or territory);

(g) the individual's employment status and, if employed or carrying on other activities, the individual's occupation and the sector of the economy in which the individual is occupied.

(2) In relation to a credit information subject who is an individual carrying on activities otherwise than as an employee, the following is also personal infor