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Version date: 29 October 2018 - onwards
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2. Interpretation

(1) In this Act -

"anonymised information" has the meaning given by section 5(3);

"Bank" means the Central Bank of Ireland;

"consumer price index" means the Consumer Price Index (All Items) published by the Central Statistics Office or any equivalent index published from time to time by that Office;

"credit" includes a loan, deferred payment or other form of financial accommodation, other than any provided - (a) by one credit institution to another, (b) to any entity classified within general government in relation to the State within the meaning given by the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012, the government of any other country or territory or any international organisation, (c) by a company to a related undertaking of the company, (d) by a person who does not provide credit except to the person's employees, (e) in connection with the provision of a utility or other service on a continuing basis, (f) in the form of trade credit, or (g) without any requirement to

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