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Version date: 9 December 2015 - onwards
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Article 13 Portfolio composition and diversification

1. An ELTIF shall invest at least 70 % of its capital in eligible investment assets.

2. An ELTIF shall invest no more than:

(a) 10 % of its capital in instruments issued by, or loans granted to, any single qualifying portfolio undertaking;

(b) 10 % of its capital directly or indirectly in a single real asset;

(c) 10 % of its capital in units or shares of any single ELTIF, EuVECA or EuSEF;

(d) 5 % of its capital in assets referred to in point (b) of Article 9(1) where those assets have been issued by any single body.

3. The aggregate value of units or shares of ELTIFs, EuvECAs and EuSEFs in an ELTIF portfolio shall not exceed 20 % of the value of the capital of the ELTIF.

4. The aggregate risk exposure to a counterparty of the ELTIF stemming from OTC derivative transactions, repurchase agreements, or reverse repurchase agreements shall not exceed 5 % of the value of the capital of the ELTIF.

5. By way of derogation from points (a) and (b) of paragraph 2, an ELTIF may raise the 10 % limi