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Version date: 9 December 2015 - onwards
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Article 27 Internal assessment process for ELTIFs marketed to retail investors

1. The manager of an ELTIF, the units or shares of which are intended to be marketed to retail investors, shall establish and apply a specific internal process for the assessment of that ELTIF before it is marketed or distributed to retail investors.

2. As part of the internal process referred to in paragraph 1, the manager of the ELTIF shall assess whether the ELTIF is suitable for marketing to retail investors, taking into account at least:

(a) the life of the ELTIF; and

(b) the intended investment strategy of the ELTIF.

3. The manager of the ELTIF shall make available to any distributor all appropriate information on an ELTIF that is marketed to retail investors, including all information regarding its life and investment strategy, as well as the internal assessment process and the jurisdictions in which the ELTIF is allowed to invest.