Bookmarks allow you to save links to searches, individual pages or entire documents for future use. You can create as many bookmarks as you like and delete them when no longer needed.

Creating bookmarks
Managing bookmarks


Creating bookmarks

The bookmarks tool enables you to save links to a document or to an individual page within the document.


Once you have ticked 'This page' or 'This document' a popup will open:


1. Click on an existing folder to add your bookmark to it.


2. Create and name a new folder using 'Create new folder'.

3. Save your selection.

Managing bookmarks

Access your bookmarks at any time by selecting 'Bookmarks' on the site menu. This takes you to the Bookmarks section of 'My Profile'.


Alternatively, if you are in a document, select 'Manage bookmarks' from the left side bar.


The Bookmarks page for your account will open:


1 List of bookmarks: If the bookmark is for a specific page, you can see the page title and the document to which it belongs. Click on a bookmark to open that document or page.

2 Edit folders: Click Edit folders to open the Edit folders popup.

2.1 Order icon: Change the order of folders by dragging into your preferred order. Click Save bookmark to save your changes.

2.2 Edit icon: Click the pencil icon to change the name of a folder. Click 'Create folder' and then 'Save bookmark' to save your changes.

2.3 Delete icon: Click the icon to delete a folder. Note that this will permanently remove all bookmarks contained in that folder.

2.4 'Add new folder' button: Click to create a new folder.

2.5 'Save bookmark' button: Click to save changes made as per 2.1 and 2.2.