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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 48 Systems resilience, circuit breakers and electronic trading

1. Member States shall require a regulated market to have in place effective systems, procedures and arrangements to ensure its trading systems are resilient, have sufficient capacity to deal with peak order and message volumes, are able to ensure orderly trading under conditions of severe market stress, are fully tested to ensure such conditions are met and are subject to effective business continuity arrangements to ensure continuity of its services if there is any failure of its trading systems.

2. Member States shall require a regulated market to have in place:

(a) written agreements with all investment firms pursuing a market making strategy on the regulated market;

(b) schemes to ensure that a sufficient number of investment firms participate in such agreements which require them to post firm quotes at competitive prices with the result of providing liquidity to the market on a regular and predictable b