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Article 65 Organisational requirements

Deleted from 30 December 2019

1. The home Member State shall require a CTP to have adequate policies and arrangements in place to collect the information made public in accordance with Articles 6 and 20 of Regulation (EU) No 600/2014, consolidate it into a continuous electronic data stream and make the information available to the public as close to real time as is technically possible, on a reasonable commercial basis.

That information shall include, at least, the following details:

(a) the identifier of the financial instrument;

(b) the price at which the transaction was concluded;

(c) the volume of the transaction;

(d) the time of the transaction;

(e) the time the transaction was reported;

(f) the price notation of the transaction;

(g) the code for the trading venue the transaction was executed on, or where the transaction was executed via a systematic internaliser the code 'SI' or otherwise the code 'OTC';

(h) where applicable, the fact that a computer algorithm within the investment firm was responsible f