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Version date: 30 December 2019 - onwards
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Article 61 Procedures for granting and refusing requests for authorisation

Deleted from 30 December 2019

1. The competent authority shall not grant authorisation unless and until such time as it is fully satisfied that the applicant complies with all requirements under the provisions adopted pursuant to this Directive.

2. The data reporting services provider shall provide all information, including a programme of operations setting out, inter alia, the types of services envisaged and the organisational structure, necessary to enable the competent authority to satisfy itself that the data reporting services provider has established, at the time of initial authorisation, all the necessary arrangements to meet its obligations under the provisions of this Title.

3. An applicant shall be informed, within six months of the submission of a complete application, whether or not authorisation has been granted.

4. ESMA shall develop draft regulatory technical standards to determine:

(a) the information to be provided to the competent authorities under paragraph 2, including the programme of ope