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Version date: 9 December 2015 - onwards
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Article 3 Interchange fees for consumer debit card transactions

1. Payment service providers shall not offer or request a per transaction interchange fee of more than 0,2 % of the value of the transaction for any debit card transaction.

2. For domestic debit card transactions Member States may either:

(a) define a per transaction percentage interchange fee cap lower than the one provided for in paragraph 1 and may impose a fixed maximum fee amount as a limit on the fee amount resulting from the applicable percentage rate; or

(b) allow payment service providers to apply a per transaction interchange fee of no more than EUR 0,05, or, in the Member States whose currency is not the euro, the corresponding value in the national currency on 8 June 2015, which shall be revised every five years or whenever there is a significant variation in exchange rates. This per transaction interchange fee may also be combined with a maximum percentage rate of no more than 0,2 %, provided always that the sum of interchange fees of the payment card scheme does not excee

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