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Version date: 8 June 2015 - onwards
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Article 13 Competent authorities

1. Member States shall designate competent authorities that are empowered to ensure enforcement of this Regulation and that are granted investigation and enforcement powers.

2. Member States may designate existing bodies to act as competent authorities.

3. Member States may designate one or more competent authorities.

4. Member States shall notify the Commission of those competent authorities by 9 June 2016. They shall notify the Commission without delay of any subsequent change concerning those authorities.

5. The designated competent authorities referred to in paragraph 1 shall have adequate resources for the performance of their duties.

6. Member States shall require the competent authorities to monitor effectively compliance with this Regulation, including to counter attempts by the payment service providers to circumvent this Regulation, and take all necessary measures to ensure such compliance.

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