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Version date: 8 June 2015 - onwards
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Article 17 Review clause

By 9 June 2019, the Commission shall submit a report on the application of this Regulation to the European Parliament and to the Council. The Commission's report shall look in particular at the appropriateness of the levels of interchange fees and at steering mechanisms such as charges, taking into account the use and cost of the various means of payments and the level of entry of new players, new technology and innovative business models on the market. The assessment shall, in particular, consider:

(a) the development of fees for payers;

(b) the level of competition among payment card providers and payment card schemes;

(c) the effects on costs for the payer and the payee;

(d) the levels of merchant pass-through of the reduction in interchange fee levels;

(e) the technical requirements and their implications for all the parties involved;

(f) the effects of co-badging on user-friendliness, in particular for the elderly and other vulnerable users;

(g) the effect on the market of the exc

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