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Version date: 9 December 2015 - onwards
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Article 12 Information to the payee on individual card-based payment transactions

1. After the execution of an individual card-based payment transaction, the payee's payment service provider shall provide the payee with the following information:

(a) the reference enabling the payee to identify the card-based payment transaction;

(b) the amount of the payment transaction in the currency in which the payee's payment account is credited;

(c) the amount of any charges for the card-based payment transaction, indicating separately the merchant service charge and the amount of the interchange fee.

With the payee's prior and explicit consent, the information referred to in the first subparagraph may be aggregated by brand, application, payment instrument categories and rates of interchange fees applicable to the transaction.

2. Contracts between acquirers and payees may include a provision that the information referred to in the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 shall be provided or made available periodically, at least once a month, and in an agreed manner which allows pa

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