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Article 2.

1. The European Union.

2. The European Atomic Energy Community.

3. The European Financial Stability Mechanism.

4. The European Financial Stability Facility.

5. The European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism.

6. The International Monetary Fund.

7. The Bank for International Settlements.

8. The European Investment Bank.

9. The European Investment Fund.

10. The Council of Europe Development Bank.

11. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

12. The International Finance Corporation.

13. The African Development Bank.

14. The Asian Development Bank.

15. The Inter-American Development Bank.

16. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

17. The Islamic Development Bank.

18. The International Finance Facility for Immunisation.

19. The Caribbean Development Bank.

20. The Nordic Development Bank.

21. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.