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12. Supplementary provisions concerning confiscation orders.

(1) When considering whether to make a confiscation order under section 8F or 9 of this Act (but not when considering whether to make such an order under section 4 or 8A of this Act), the court may take into account any information placed before it showing that a victim of an offence to which the proceedings relate has instituted, or intends to institute, civil proceedings against the defendant in respect of loss, injury or damage sustained in connection with the offence.

(2) Where a court makes a confiscation order, it may direct that payment of the amount to be recovered in respect of the order shall be made forthwith or at some other time specified in the order.

(3) Where a court makes a confiscation order against a defendant in any proceedings, it shall, in respect of any offence of which he is convicted in those proceedings, take account of -

(a) any fine imposed on him,

(b) any order involving any payment by him, or

(c) any forfeiture order made under section 30 of the Misuse