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29. Disclosure obligations of restricted activity investment product intermediaries.

The supervisory authority may, if it considers it appropriate to do so, require investment product intermediaries or any class or classes of such intermediaries (including credit institutions when acting as such intermediaries) to disclose in communications (including advertisements) made by them in any form or manner (including electronic communications) and on first entering into an investment business service relationship with a client one or more of the following:

(a) that it is not within their terms of authorisation to accept cash or other funds or securities on behalf of their clients or to act on a discretionary basis in the management of client funds,

(b) their categories of authorisation under this Act and the types of investment business services to which they relate,

(c) the names of the product producers from whom they hold appointments in writing,

(d) any restrictions imposed by product producers on the types of business that those intermediaries may accept, and

(e) any o