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55. Interpretation (Part VII).

For the purposes of this Part -

"approved professional body" means a body which - (a) is representative of a profession of solicitors, accountants or representative of a profession with similar functions and has functions in regard to the regulation of members of the relevant profession, or is capable of having such functions; and (b) stands approved under section 56 of this Act;

"certified person" means a person who - (a) being an individual, is a member of or is regulated by an approved professional body, or (b) not being an individual, is a person managed and controlled by one or more individuals each of whom is regulated by that approved professional body or another professional body and at least one of whom is a member of or is regulated by the approved professional body concerned, and has been granted and holds a valid certificate under the rules of that professional body deeming that person to be a fit and proper person to carry on investment business services or