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72. Powers of Court following consideration of reports.

(1) Having considered a report made under section 71 of this Act, the Court may make such order as it thinks fit in relation to matters arising from that report including -

(a) an order of its own motion for the winding-up or dissolution or bankruptcy of an investment business firm,

(b) an order for the purpose of remedying any disability suffered by any person whose interests were adversely affected by the conduct of the affairs of the investment business firm provided that, in making any such order, the Court shall have regard to the interests of any other person who may be adversely affected by the order.

(2) If, in the case of any investment business firm liable to be wound up or dissolved under this Act or subject to an adjudication of bankruptcy, it appears to the supervisory authority from -

(a) any report made under section 71 as a result of an application by the supervisory authority under section 66, or

(b) any report made by inspectors appointed by the supervisory authority