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Version date: 30 December 2019 - 9 July 2027
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Article 6

1. The Commission shall conduct an assessment of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting the internal market and relating to cross-border activities.

To that end, the Commission shall, by 26 June 2017, draw up a report identifying, analysing and evaluating those risks at Union level. Thereafter, the Commission shall update its report every two years, or more frequently if appropriate.

2. The report referred to in paragraph 1 shall cover at least the following:

(a) the areas of the internal market that are at greatest risk;

(b) the risks associated with each relevant sector including, where available, estimates of the monetary volumes of money laundering provided by Eurostat for each of those sectors;

(c) the most widespread means used by criminals to launder illicit proceeds, including, where available, those particularly used in transactions between Member States and third countries, independently of the identification of a third country as high-risk pursuant t

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