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Article 31a Implementing acts

Where necessary in addition to the implementing acts adopted by the Commission in accordance with Article 24 of Directive (EU) 2017/1132 and in accordance with the scope of Article 30 and 31 of this Directive, the Commission shall adopt by means of implementing acts technical specifications and procedures necessary to provide for the interconnection of Member States' central registers as referred to in Article 30(10) and Article 31(9), with regard to:

(a) the technical specification defining the set of the technical data necessary for the platform to perform its functions as well as the method of storage, use and protection of such data;

(b) the common criteria according to which beneficial ownership information is available through the system of interconnection of registers, depending on the level of access granted by Member States;

(c) the technical details on how the information on beneficial owners is to be made available;

(d) the technical conditions of availability of services pr

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