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Article 33

1. Member States shall require obliged entities, and, where applicable, their directors and employees, to cooperate fully by promptly:

(a) informing the FIU, including by filing a report, on their own initiative, where the obliged entity knows, suspects or has reasonable grounds to suspect that funds, regardless of the amount involved, are the proceeds of criminal activity or are related to terrorist financing, and by promptly responding to requests by the FIU for additional information in such cases; and

(b) providing the FIU directly, at its request, with all necessary information.

All suspicious transactions, including attempted transactions, shall be reported.

2. The person appointed in accordance with point (a) of Article 8(4) shall transmit the information referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article to the FIU of the Member State in whose territory the obliged entity transmitting the information is established.

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