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Article 57b

1. Notwithstanding Article 57a(1) and (3) and without prejudice to Article 34(2), Member States may authorise the exchange of information between competent authorities in the same Member State or in different Member States, between the competent authorities and authorities entrusted with the supervision of financial sector entities and natural or legal persons acting in the exercise of their professional activities as referred to in point (3) of Article 2(1) and the authorities responsible by law for the supervision of financial markets in the discharge of their respective supervisory functions.

The information received shall in any event be subject to professional secrecy requirements at least equivalent to those referred to in Article 57a(1).

2. Notwithstanding Article 57a(1) and (3), Member States may, by virtue of provisions laid down in national law, authorise the disclosure of certain information to other national authorities responsible by law for the supervision of the financia

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