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Version date: 9 July 2018 - onwards
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Article 39

1. Obliged entities and their directors and employees shall not disclose to the customer concerned or to other third persons the fact that information is being, will be or has been transmitted in accordance with Article 33 or 34 or that a money laundering or terrorist financing analysis is being, or may be, carried out.

2. The prohibition laid down in paragraph 1 shall not include disclosure to the competent authorities, including the self-regulatory bodies, or disclosure for law enforcement purposes.

3. The prohibition laid down in paragraph 1 of this Article shall not prevent disclosure between the credit institutions and financial institutions from the Member States provided that they belong to the same group, or between those entities and their branches and majority owned subsidiaries established in third countries, provided that those branches and majority-owned subsidiaries fully comply with the group-wide policies and procedures, including procedures for sharing information with

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