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Annex III

The following is a non-exhaustive list of factors and types of evidence of potentially higher risk referred to in Article 18(3):

(1) Customer risk factors:

(a) the business relationship is conducted in unusual circumstances;

(b) customers that are resident in geographical areas of higher risk as set out in point (3);

(c) legal persons or arrangements that are personal asset-holding vehicles;

(d) companies that have nominee shareholders or shares in bearer form;

(e) businesses that are cash-intensive;

(f) the ownership structure of the company appears unusual or excessively complex given the nature of the company's business;

(g) customer is a third country national who applies for residence rights or citizenship in the Member State in exchange of capital transfers, purchase of property or government bonds, or investment in corporate entities in that Member State.

(2) Product, service, transaction or delivery channel risk factors:

(a) private banking;

(b) products or transactions that mi

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