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Version date: 30 December 2019 - 9 July 2027
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Article 48

1. Member States shall require the competent authorities to monitor effectively, and to take the measures necessary to ensure, compliance with this Directive.

1a. In order to facilitate and promote effective cooperation, and in particular the exchange of information, Member States shall communicate to the Commission the list of competent authorities of the obliged entities listed in Article 2(1), including their contact details. Member States shall ensure that the information provided to the Commission remains updated.

The Commission shall publish a register of those authorities and their contact details on its website. The authorities in the register shall, within the scope of their powers, serve as a contact point for the counterpart competent authorities of the other Member States. The financial supervisory authorities of the Member States shall also serve as a contact point for EBA.

In order to ensure the adequate enforcement of this Directive, Member States shall require that all

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