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Article 8 The base prospectus

1. For non-equity securities, including warrants in any form, the prospectus may, at the choice of the issuer, offeror or person asking for the admission to trading on a regulated market, consist of a base prospectus containing the necessary information concerning the issuer and the securities offered to the public or to be admitted to trading on a regulated market.

2. A base prospectus shall include the following information:

(a) a template, entitled 'form of the final terms', to be filled out for each individual issue and indicating the available options with regard to the information to be determined in the final terms of the offer;

(b) the address of the website where the final terms will be published.

3. Where a base prospectus contains options with regard to the information required by the relevant securities note, the final terms shall determine which of the options is applicable to the individual issue by referring to the relevant sections of the base prospectus or by replicati