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Article 24 Union scope of approvals of prospectuses

1. Without prejudice to Article 37, where an offer of securities to the public or admission to trading on a regulated market occurs in one or more Member States, or in a Member State other than the home Member State, the prospectus approved by the home Member State and any supplements thereto shall be valid for the offer to the public or the admission to trading in any number of host Member States, provided that ESMA and the competent authority of each host Member State are notified in accordance with Article 25. Competent authorities of host Member States shall not undertake any approval or administrative procedures relating to prospectuses and supplements approved by the competent authorities of other Member States, and relating to final terms.

2. Where a significant new factor, material mistake or material inaccuracy arises or is noted within the timeframe specified in Article 23(1), the competent authority of the home Member State shall require that the publication of a supplement