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Version date: 18 March 2021 - onwards
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Article 23 Supplements to the prospectus

1. Every significant new factor, material mistake or material inaccuracy relating to the information included in a prospectus which may affect the assessment of the securities and which arises or is noted between the time when the prospectus is approved and the closing of the offer period or the time when trading on a regulated market begins, whichever occurs later, shall be mentioned in a supplement to the prospectus without undue delay.

Such a supplement shall be approved in the same way as a prospectus in a maximum of five working days and published in accordance with at least the same arrangements as were applied when the original prospectus was published in accordance with Article 21. The summary, and any translations thereof, shall also be supplemented, where necessary, to take into account the new information included in the supplement.

2. Where the prospectus relates to an offer of securities to the public, investors who have already agreed to purchase or subscribe for the secu