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Article 47 ESMA report on prospectuses

1. Based on the documents made public through the mechanism referred to in Article 21(6), ESMA shall publish every year a report containing statistics on the prospectuses approved and notified in the Union and an analysis of trends taking into account:

(a) the types of issuers, in particular the categories of persons referred to in points (a) to (d) of Article 15(1); and

(b) the types of issuances, in particular the total consideration of the offers, the types of transferable securities, the types of trading venue and the denominations.

2. The report referred to in paragraph 1 shall contain in particular:

(a) an analysis of the extent to which the disclosure regimes set out in Articles 14 and 15 and the universal registration document referred to in Article 9 are used throughout the Union;

(b) statistics on base prospectuses and final terms, and on prospectuses drawn up as separate documents or as a single document;

(c) statistics on the average and overall consideration of offers of s