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Article 16 Risk factors

1. The risk factors featured in a prospectus shall be limited to risks which are specific to the issuer and/or to the securities and which are material for taking an informed investment decision, as corroborated by the content of the registration document and the securities note.

When drawing up the prospectus, the issuer, the offeror or the person asking for admission to trading on a regulated market shall assess the materiality of the risk factors based on the probability of their occurrence and the expected magnitude of their negative impact.

Each risk factor shall be adequately described, explaining how it affects the issuer or the securities being offered or to be admitted to trading. The assessment of the materiality of the risk factors provided for in the second subparagraph may also be disclosed by using a qualitative scale of low, medium or high.

The risk factors shall be presented in a limited number of categories depending on their nature. In each category the most material