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Version date: 21 July 2019 - onwards
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Annex IV Registration document for the EU Growth prospectus

I. Responsibility for the registration document

The purpose is to identify the issuer and its representatives and other individuals involved in the company's offer; these are the persons responsible for drawing up the registration document.

II. Strategy, performance and business environment

The purpose is to inform about the company's strategy and objectives related to development and future performance and to provide information about the company's business operations, the products it makes or the services it provides, its investments and the factors which affect the business. Furthermore, the risk factors specific to the company and relevant trend information must be included.

III. Corporate governance

The purpose is to provide information concerning the company's directors and managers that will allow investors to assess their experience, qualifications and levels of remuneration, as well as their relationship with the company.

IV. Financial statements and key performance indicators