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Annex Va Minimum information to be included in the EU Recovery Prospectus

I. Summary

The EU Recovery prospectus must include a summary drawn up in accordance with Article 7(12a).

II. Name of the issuer, country of incorporation, link to the issuer’s website

Identify the company issuing shares, including its legal entity identifier (LEI), its legal and commercial name, its country of incorporation and the website where investors can find information on the company’s business operations, the products it makes or the services it provides, the principal markets where it competes, its major shareholders, the composition of its administrative, management and supervisory bodies and of its senior management and, where applicable, information incorporated by reference (with a disclaimer that the information on the website does not form part of the prospectus unless that information is incorporated by reference into the prospectus).

III. Responsibility statement and statement on the competent authority

1. Responsibility statement

Identify the persons responsible f