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Version date: 21 July 2019 - onwards
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Annex II Registration document

I. Identity of directors, senior management, advisers and auditors

The purpose is to identify the company representatives and other individuals involved in the company's offer or admission to trading; these are the persons responsible for drawing up the prospectus and those responsible for auditing the financial statements.

II. Essential information about the issuer

The purpose is to summarise essential information about the company's financial condition, capitalisation and risk factors. If the financial statements included in the document are restated to reflect material changes in the company's group structure or accounting policies, the selected financial data must also be restated.

A. Selected financial data

B. Capitalisation and indebtedness (for equity securities only)

C. Risk factors relating to the issuer

III. Information on the company

The purpose is to provide information about the company's business operations, the products it makes or the services it provides and the factor