Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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i. General conditions

1. Unless it is required by the AIFM Regulations to have an authorised AIFM at an earlier date, a Qualifying Investor AIF authorised on or after 22 July 2013 by the Central Bank must have an authorised AIFM within 2 years from the Qualifying Investor AIF's date of launch i.e. the date when the initial offer period closes or, where there are multiple closings, the date of first closing.

2. The Qualifying Investor AIF shall not alter its constitutional document or change its name without the prior approval of the Central Bank.

3. The Qualifying Investor AIF shall notify the Central Bank in advance of proposed amendments to the Qualifying Investor AIF documentation, including the prospectus, constitutional document or material agreements entered into with third parties. The Central Bank may object to the amendments notified to it and amendments objected to by the Central Bank may not be made.

4. The Qualifying Investor AIF shall not permit a sub-fund of the Qualifying Investor AIF to inve