Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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vii. Relationship with the Central Bank

1. Where a depositary provides services to an AIF not authorised by the Central Bank, it must be satisfied that the prospectus issued by the AIF does not imply, in any way, that the AIF is regulated by the Central Bank.

Where the depositary provides depositary services to AIFs not authorised by the Central Bank, it shall submit a quarterly return containing the following aggregate information, for all investment funds not authorised by the Central Bank to which services are provided, within each base currency category:

- domicile of the investment funds;

- number of investment funds;

- number of unitholders; and

- total net asset value.

Information is not required in respect of those investment funds, which are included in the return prepared by an authorised firm in accordance with paragraph 5 of section vii of chapter 3 Alternative Investment Fund Manager Requirements, paragraph 6 of section v of chapter 4 AIF Management Company Requirements or paragraph 1 of section iv of chapter 5